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Valais Blacknose

Oregon Valais began at Ben More Mountain Ranch as a Valais Blacknose breed-up program in 2022.  Ace is our original ram.  He is an embryo ram, 100% fullblood, and DNA confirmed.  We  initially purchased F2 (75%), F1 (50%), and F0 (0%), foundation ewes to start our breeding program.  We are expanding our fullblood stock of ewes and rams.  Artificial insemination and new sire rams are utilized to insure genetic diversity as we breed up to purebreed Valais Blacknose sheep.  See the following link for potential Valais Blacknose sheep sales for 2024 and pricing.

Ace Up the Sleeve 
Parkdale Basil x Remarkable Bea
100%  Fullblood 

Naturally Raised
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